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Little text about TSR Design and TSR Webdesign

Once upon a time I decided to become a web designer, something I´m and I have worked with it for some years now. Has a degree in web design and graphic design, and is very motivated to work in a good working environment.

I have practice from Dynamic Web where I worked as a web designer and support inquiries from customers. By Web Dynamic my work consisted of design of logos, the treatment of design to completed product solution to customers using Adobe programs.

My experience and background in web design allows me stand strong in the latest technologies in web design, you never finish trained in the subject so I have to always update me with new trends and new technologies coming on the pitch, which I think is very funny.

I work independently, structured and are flexible and resourceful person, is accustomed to working on projects and likes to collaborate with colleagues and customers to achieve the best results

I have started my own firm you can find the site here www.tsr-webdesign.no

My attestation from Lynda.com:

Thomas Strandebø

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